Auto insurance in Hurricane, St. Albans, Charleston, WV

Auto insurance to cover your risks at a price you can afford

Owing and driving a motor vehicle carries with it many risks. Proper auto insurance can cover you for those risks and unexpected events. Evans Agency can help you with best value auto insurance in Charleston WV, Hurricane WV, Kanawha County WV, Nitro WV or St Albans WV.

Real risks include road accidents, fender benders, storm damage, auto theft, vandalism and others. An equally big risk is that of being sued by a 3rd party for damages and or injuries sustained due to your negligence.

Any of these events can result in a substantial financial liability and it is important the right car insurance to protect your financial interests. The first component of your auto insurance should be liability cover. If you accidently or negligently cause damage or injury to someone else, you can bet your bottom dollar you will be sued. Liability insurance covers you should that happen. However, 3rd party insurance does not cover your losses or medical bills.

The next component of your auto insurance should be collision cover. Collision insurance will cover damages to your vehicle sustained in a road accident. In addition to vehicle damage, you need to consider medical costs due to injuries. You would need some medical insurance or some type of personal injury protection plan.

Road accidents are not the only source of vehicle damage or loss. Your vehicles can sustain in a storm or through some human acts sus vandalism or car theft. Comprehensive insurance covers you for damages sustained from reasons other than a road accident.

Auto insurance can also be extended to other vehicles such as motorcycles, water craft, RVs, ATVs, off road vehicles, classic cars and trailers.

Once you have your coverages sorted out you also need to consider the costs of your auto insurance. An independent agent such as Evans can help you best value auto and car insurance, which means you won’t pay more than you should.

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