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Safeguard Your Office with Business Insurance from Evans Insurance Agency

Generally, what most of the people do is that, they opt for health/life and home insurance and completely ignore or forget that they also need to insure their business house. Are you thinking if having business insurance really vital? Of course, it is, especially if your products or services are similar to your competitors. So, haven’t you yet purchased a commercial insurance to safeguard your business? And one company that will help you get a commercial insurance plan, which will not just fit your budget, but also your needs is Evans Insurance Agency. So, whether you need business or commercial insurance in Charleston, Nitro, Hurricane, Kanawha County or any other cities in West Virginia, then always choose our agency.

Why choose Evans Insurance Agency?

Though there are many other insurance agencies in Charleston, Hurricane, Kanawha County, Nitro and other cities of West Virginia, most of the business owners or CEOs choose us. Wondering why? Here are the reasons why they choose us. Take a look.

  • Affordable rates: One major reason why many CEOs, especially of the startup companies refrain from buying commercial insurance is that they find the insurance policies to be high-priced. But, we provide you such insurance at quite affordable rates.
  • Reduces your premium: Our business or commercial insurance will not just protect your commercial property and the business interests. But also it will also help you minimizing the premiums.
  • Gives you freedom to manage your insurance program: In the case of business insurances, most of the insurance agencies will never give you the freedom to manage your insurance program. But if you choose Evans Insurance, we can help you integrate the workers’ benefits into the policies so that you have the ability to efficiently manage your insurance program. We can also help you to update your coverage when your business flourishes.

Now when you know that our company’s commercial or business insurance are affordable, will reduce premium and will give you the freedom to manage your insurance program, wait no more. Contact us by calling at 304-722-6443 or 800-439-6442. To know more about us, you can also checkout our website


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