Commercial insurance in Nitro, Hurricane, Charleston, WV

Commercial insurance will help protect your livelihood

If you need business or commercial insurance in Charleston WV, Hurricane WV or Nitro WV, then Evans Agency can help. When it comes to insurance, you want to deal with a reputable and recommended agent. When it comes to something has important as commercial insurance you also want to deal with an agent that has the experience and who is on your side. When it comes to business insurance you want to deal with an agent who works for you and not the carrier.

Your business is your livelihood. It also provides a livelihood for your workers. As a business owner, you have many people who depend on you. You owe it to yourself, your loved ones and your employees to protect your business should things go wrong. Commercial Insurance is the only way to protect your financial interests when the unexpected happens.

Commercial insurance is a broad and complex field. All businesses face similar risks and specific business face their own unique risks. For general risks such as fire, theft, accidental damage and 3rd party damage, there is the BOP or Business Owners Policy.   This type of business insurance is geared for small and medium sized business. It is important coverage, but there is a lot that is not covered under a BOP. For example, a BOP does not include commercial auto, workmen’s compensation, professional liability, group medical or industry-specific coverages.

Commercial insurance is complex field and must address several options such as liabilities, business interruption, professional indemnity, workers’ compensation, sureties, bonds, property damage, commercial auto and more. It makes sense to leave your business insurance requirements in the hands of a professional. That way you can have peace of mind that your business is properly covered. You can get on with making your business work without worrying about what ifs.



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