Home Insurance in Charleston WV, Hurricane WC, Nitro WV, Putnam County WV, and Nearby Cities

Have you recently purchased a new house? Are you currently moving into a new flat? What you need to protect yourself is a home insurance policy. We, at Evans Insurance Agency, offer you a wide range of policy coverage to choose from. We understand how hard you work to earn a living and how attached you are to your house. We, thus, do everything in our power to allow you to conduct your affairs in the easiest way possible. We take into account the earnings of all your family members, taxes that you pay, and the location of your house, among other things to arrive at a reasonable premium amount. We have been in business since 1981 which has allowed us to build a reputation for ourselves in the industry. We are one of the few firms in the market that settles claims as soon as possible to help our customers get back to a normal lifestyle, as soon as possible. If you happen to be a resident of Charleston WV, Hurricane WC, Kanawha County WV, Nitro WV, Putnam County WV, or St Albans WV, then you can trust us with the safety of your house.

Home Insurance in Charleston WV, Hurricane WC, Nitro WV, Putnam County WV

Here, we have made a list of 3 features that a policy must contain if it is to be effective in protecting your house. Take a look.

  • Coverage of the Entire Living Space

Firstly, the policy must cover your entire house. This will include your dwelling unit, the gardens or laws, fencing or boundary, and the main gate. A good policy will have all of these mentioned in the documents.

  • Coverage for All Types of Calamities

Secondly, a good policy protects the house against all types of calamities such as fire, earthquake, flood damage, and structural failure. Whether the disaster is man-made or natural a good policy covers it all.

  • Coverage for Additional Structures

Lastly, a policy that aims to secure a house will cover in its package the construction of any additional structures that the owner might want.

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