Hurricane, Charleston, WV workers compensation insurance

Learn more about the benefits of workers compensation insurance

Every employee in a company requires to be aware regarding the different policies from which they can benefit. During injuries or accidents while they are on duty, especially there are specific policies and coverage put in place for addressing the outcome of these occurrences. Workers compensation insurance is one such policy. This policy will help in paying all types of advantages to workers that are injured during their duty. Its main aim is to cover any form of medical expenditure which may be involved, loss of wages or salaries or permanent disability. If you are interested in these policies, contact us at Evans Agency right away. The areas that we serve include the different parts of Charleston, WV, Hurricane, WV, Kanawha County WV and Nitro WV.

A brief overview of this insurance scheme

This insurance scheme will offer workers and employees with plentiful benefits covering everything from salary/wages to medical treatment, permanent disability and death benefits offered to the employee’s dependents. Accidents take place all of a sudden and can happen at any place or any time, despite of utmost attention and extra care. During this incident, such policies can prove beneficial both for the employees and the employers alike.

  • For employers- This will offer employers coverage from lawsuits that has been filed by workers. Any employee who is injured or aggrieved is likely to file a lawsuit in opposition to the employer. Here, the employer will not require paying lavishly for defending themselves. Rather the insurance company indeed will offer them the compensation
  • For employees- This policy will offer the guarantee that every employee will be offered with the coverage, especially for the part of income which they lost at the time when they were incapable of working

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